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1210 AD the Guild of Barbers forms two levels of Barber, one of which would take care of surgical procedures including dental extractions.

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Contest was: Is your teacher the best?
Winner: Lowell G.
Teacher: Mrs. Feldhaus

The Teacher that I am going to write about for the "teacher of the year essay" is going to be Mrs. Feldhaus. She was my teacher in fourth grade and she was the best. I think that she should be nominated because she was caring and made the class so much fun. We had parties and an auction at the end of every trimester. Another reason why I picked her is because she would always explain things in very good detail. She was a great teacher in every situation. In about the middle of the school year we had to give a speech on something that we really loved. So I did it on Brett Favre. She gave me instructions on how to do it, and I did amazing on it 100%. I got that percent because she explained it to me. So I believe that my 4th grade teacher Mrs. Feldhaus should get "teacher of the year" award!

Lowell won a Target giftcard and Mrs. Feldhaus won a Sonicare toothbrush gift bag


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Congratulations to Angela, who won our Website Scavenger Hunt contest!  She won an Applebees gift card!


Congratulations to our December contest winners who received a Vikings t-shirt!

Congratulations to Ali who won our Facebook contest and
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