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The metal of choice for orthodontic appliances in the early 20th century was gold, because of its malleability.

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Office Orientation

Getting Started

It is important to us that good oral health is established before beginning orthodontic treatment.  A visit to your general dentist within the past six months is necessary before initiating orthodontics and routine visits to your dentist should continue throughout treatment. 

Convenient Appointments

We make every effort to keep your busy lifestyle in mind.   Our schedule has been designed to accommodate your work and school schedules and we continually strive to provide the most efficient methods of service to you.  Appointments are scheduled approximately every 5-9 weeks depending upon the stage of your treatment with average treatment times of 18 – 30 months.


We pride ourselves on communication.  Every appointment time is followed with an update on the treatment performed and the instructions given during your visit.  Formal progress reviews are done every six to eight months as well as written communication to your dentist at the beginning and at the completion of treatment. 

If there is ever a question, we are always available to offer answers and explanations.