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Almost 70% of people in the United States need some sort of orthodontic treatment.

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Patient Testimonials

Nothing but wonderful things to say about Kuipers Orthodontics...

I share my experience with Kuipers Orthodontics with my friends. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Kuipers Orthodontics. Every visit to your office has been a pleasure; we’re greeted by name and it’s plain to see that you and each and every one of your staff loves what they do. We went to two other orthodontists for consultations before choosing Kuipers Orthodontics for Emily. Kuipers Orthodontics was the third and last place we visited – and also the one recommended by our dentist! We immediately felt at home in your office, and we appreciated the time you took to explain Emily’s treatment plan and also to help us to understand why early treatment was the best choice for Emily. - Karin

We have really enjoyed coming here and would highly recommend Dr. Kuipers’ office. - Charlene

You guys rock! - Eden

I have recommended Dr. Kuipers’ office to many of my friends. - Allison

Dr. Kuipers and staff are so friendly and nice – I like coming to the office for a visit. They always kept me informed of what was being planned as part of my treatment. - Karen

Dr. Kuipers and staff are always here to help me. I love this place, especially when I compare it to other places I have heard of. - Anonymous

The service at Kuipers Orthodontics is great and I recommend the practice to anyone. - David

Everyone at Dr. Kuipers’ office is very nice. I like their monthly contests and Orthobucks rewards. - Reid

Everyone is so pleasant & fun to talk with.  The staff was more than PERFECT! – Jessica

The staff is very professional and friendly.  They are efficient as well – I get in and get out of the office quick for my appointments and I really like that!  This is definitely my favorite dental office. – Ismahan

My appointments are always on time and the staff is very helpful. – Cassy